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Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

Cs Cmu. ...

Looking for Cs Cmu popular content, reviews and catchy facts? Here we go: we found that has neither Alexa ranking nor estimated traffic numbers. However, we managed to discover that the most significant portion of the traffic comes from USA (39,6%). This domain has an excellent reputation, so you can safely browse it.

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Owner: Carnegie Mellon University
Registrar: EDUCASE
Created: April 24, 1985 (32 years old)
Last checked:

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  • Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

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  • Advice on Writing Proposals - particularly to NSF

      What follows is a collection of advice for writing research grants to the National Science Foundation. It includes some guidelines on how to write an NSF proposal and how to get the latest ver...

  • Christos Faloutsos

    Drosophila embryo image mining (with Prof. Eric Xing) (NSF Grant No. DBI-0640543). Motion capture indexing and mining (with Profs. Jessica Hodgins, Nancy Pollard, Randy Pausch; and Amy Bruckman (GA Te...

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